I love brand identity systems, and every now and then a system comes along that pushes the boundaries of what a brand ID system can do. The Whitney Museum’s new identity is one such system. You’ve heard of responsive web design, The Whitney’s new identity is the first responsive identity system I’ve seen.

Featuring a responsive “W” that expands and contracts based on the context it appears in, the system is simple, clean, organized and flexible. The system was created by Amsterdam design firm Experimental Jetset, however the application of identity elements will be handled by the Whitney’s in-house design team as well as external contractors.

The system consists of the morphing zig zag W paired with Neue Haas Grotesk, implemented in a simple grid system. The use of these basic elements results in a minimalistic treatment that is flexible for a wide variety of applications. And the clean look of the resulting identity materials is appropriate for the Whitney’s esteemed international reputation.

You can read about the concepts and thinking behind the Whitney Museum’s new brand identity system in more detail on the Experimental Jetset website.

What are some other standout identity systems you’ve seen in the last year?