In my initial goal setting post I said, “You can’t hit your target if you don’t know what it is.” This is true, but we need to keep in mind that in branding we usually have more than one target we’re trying to hit, and not all targets are created equal. So next we’re going to organize and prioritize our branding targets in our Targeting exercise.

Breaking any goal down into a series of smaller goals and related tasks makes achieving it easier, and that is what we are doing here. So think of your targets in terms of size, with your overall branding goal as the biggest target, and supporting goals as smaller targets that support the overall goal.

I actually like to map these out on a sheet of paper or on a whiteboard, and here’s how I do this:

1. Take your overall branding goal and put it at the top — that is your biggest target.

2. Under your biggest target, put 2-3 supporting goals — these are the medium-sized targets you need to hit on the way to achieving your overall branding goal.

3. Under each supporting goal, put 2-3 supporting goals or tasks — these are smaller targets you need to hit to achieve your supporting goals.

You can set targets on as many levels as you need to achieve the goal. This targeting exercise can be used at any level — to map out the targets for your entire branding project top to bottom, or to establish targets for specific steps in the branding process (Research, Strategy, Positioning, etc.). I also like to use red for targets we’re still aiming for, and green for targets we’ve already hit.

To make this process easier, I created this Target Board worksheet (click on the link to download the PDF to use in your own branding projects).

What other techniques do you use to organize your branding goals?